Proef Engineering


Being sustainable means to evolve in the market in a consolidated, competitive, and stable manner, both for clients and employees. This means moving towards the realization of the sector's challenges, aiming for sustainable development. This means being prepared for risk management, for an overall target, with several underlying definitions and interpretations.
The development of Proef Engineering sustainability strategy is based on the analysis of results of the involvement of stakeholders, on the sectoral framework, on guidelines for proper management and good internal practices, as well as benchmarking with similar companies. 

This strategy includes the following: 
  • Sectoral framework and benchmarking;
  • Stakeholder involvement;
  • Materiality matrix to identify challenges and commitments;
  • Analysis of management guidelines and good internal practices;
  • Integrated System of Quality, Environment and Safety;
  • Positioning and Sustainability principles.

Social Responsibility and communities' support are intrinsic principles to all Proef Engineering companies. Amidst the various actions, the following stand out:

  • Support to institutions such as ASAS, the Food Bank, GAS Porto, Mundo a sorrir, among others;
  • Biannual blood and bone marrow collection in the Eurico Ferreira Portugal facilities, in partnership with the Instituto Português do Sangue and the LIONS Club of Trofa;
  • Eurico Ferreira Merit Awards, awarded to the top students of Trofa schools;
  • Participation in various social and environmental initiatives, in partnership with clients and partners (EDP "Parte de Nós - Ambiente").

  • Collecting of clothes and toys and environmental protection initiatives.

  • Construction of the Muchabje Primary School - project in partnership with G.A.S. Porto, the Council of Vila de Macia, the Community of the Muchabje and the District Education Centre;
  • Fight against malnutrition, offering milk to all the Pfuka U Famba children.

South Africa
  • Development of several support actions to The Sun Flower Fund.