Proef Engineering

About Us

Proef Engineering is the core business of the Proef Group. It was incepted in the company Eurico Ferreira S.A., founded in 1984 in Portugal, with the development and execution of electrical installations as main initial activity. The evolution of the company over the years gave rise to a diversification of its scope, its activities are now moving towards the development of engineering and infrastructure projects in the areas of Electricity and Telecommunications.

Its main goal is to supply clients with global solutions, ensuring the design, building and maintenance of projects. With pronounced ambition and commitment, Eurico Ferreira was then set on conquering new markets. In 1998, Morocco was the first internationalization and two decades later, the company is present in 8 countries. Proef Engineering currently comprises the following companies: 
  • Eurico Ferreira Portugal
  • Proef France
  • EF Deutschland
  • Proef United Kingdom
  • Eurico Ferreira Angola
  • Proef Energias de Angola
  • Eurico Ferreira Mozambique
  • Eurico Ferreira South Africa
  • EF Power South Africa
  • Proef East Africa
Proef Engineering development strategy is fully based on innovation, diversification and quality as regards the solutions presented, taking advantage from synergies and the entire background of the Proef Group.

The high expertise and technical ability of the company's teams, just like the well-known top-notch service, are the cornerstones of the entirety of Proef Engineering businesses. Proef Engineering is a partner of leading telecommunications operators, technology providers of the sector and distributors of electricity in countries where the company is operating. 


We seek international recognition for our companies, as leaders in integrative and forefront solutions in the areas of Telecommunications and Energy. 


To supply our clients the most innovative solutions on the market, supported by a dedicated and highly committed team, to increase the operational and financial performance.


Our values echo the principles of action for which we want to be recognized: 
  • Ambition - A daily, clear, and explicit willpower to meet and overcome the established goals.
  • Leadership - A winning and dynamic posture that drives the team, pushing them into a committed attitude.
  • Innovation - Constant refinement of the skills and processes of the organization.