Sensing solution tested at Lipor

Sensing solution tested at Lipor

Lipor was the chosen scenario to test the Wisen project's sensing solution.

The Wisen project, started in 2016 and concluded this September, is the result of a partnership between Proef and CeNTI and now the sensing system solution developed over the three years of the project was tested at Lipor.

The aim of the project was to develop an integrated solution of sensing systems in print technology and in the communication/ transmission wireless data for monitoring and control of risky jobs that workers are exposed to in industrial environments, and its correlation with productivity. Lipor was chosen as the ideal scenario to test this innovative solution that comprises different kinds of Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, such as wearable devices, that capture data from work environment and vital parameters of work safety.

The team tested in a real environment the applicability of the developed system, including operator location systems and the generation of alerts when operators are exposed to abnormal methane, temperature and humidity values.

The results achieved under the Wisen project will also be included in the final evaluation of the European Celtic Next - Wins @ Hi project, which the Wisen is part of and that was also concluded in September 2019.

Watch some of the highlights of the tests performed at Lipor.