Proef starts a new chapter with Lightstruck

Proef starts a new chapter with Lightstruck

Proef Telecom proudly announces the start of a brand-new partnership with Lightstruck, for the deployment of FTTx in South Africa.

Due to the common vision and business principles, Lightstruck and Proef were able to rapidly negotiate and agree the terms of an EPC agreement for the delivery of FTTx in South Africa in the 4th Quarter of 2018.  Proef was also able to proceed with a Proof of Concept on behalf of Lightstruck in the Drakenstein Municipality by the end of 2018. The agreement was signed between the company principals by mid-December 2018.

The EPC agreement requires Proef to take full responsibility for engineering, design, implementation, connection and in the future the maintenance of Lightstruck’s FTTx infrastructure.  Roll out will begin in the Western Cape region of South Africa and rapidly expand to other regions of the country. 

Lightstruck, who aims to be South Africa’s best Fibre Network Operator, was established in 2016 with the focus on developing last mile fibre networks across southern Africa. Their team, with highly experienced individuals, has a successful track record and 10 years of experience in the deployment of fibre optic networks in southern Africa. Backed by Eaglestone, Lightstruck aims to develop and install this next generation digital utility in communities across southern Africa and bring fibre to homes and businesses through their Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

Proef Telecom now re-enters the FTTx space in South Africa with a broader scope and an innovative approach with regards to Lightstruck’s implementation methodology, geared to lower the adverse impact on local communities while focusing on high-quality infrastructure, which will surely benefit consumers in South Africa.

For Proef this accomplishment was truly an international team effort where it called on its decades of experience in both its African and European operations to provide the necessary expertise and experience to deliver Lightstruck’s vision. 


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