Eurico Ferreira Angola was awarded by Huawei!

Eurico Ferreira Angola was awarded by Huawei!

Eurico Ferreira Angola received the "Excellent Collaboration Award" from Huawei!

The prize was awarded at the annual ceremony in which Huawei recognizes its key partners from East and Southern Africa, the "2018 Huawei SAR Core Partner Convention”, held on September 21 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This recognition comes from the good work provided by Eurico Ferreira Angola in several projects that proved to be of an added value for the client, namely the project in GPON technology for Unitel and the modernization of Unitel’s network that Eurico Ferreira holds a share of 70 %.

In addition to the collective award, it was with great pride that the company saw one of its employees recognized, namely Hugo Alves, the Operational Manager awarded the "Excellent Team Leader Award”!

This is another demonstration of the effort and commitment of the team to build a strong, professional and enduring partnership with an internationally renowned client such as Huawei.

Congratulations to all the team for the excellent work, especially Paulo Renato, Executive Director of Eurico Ferreira Angola and Hugo Alves!