Innovation is one of the pillars of Proef Engineering. Its companies are constantly searching for perfection, always updated and, thus, providing differentiated services.

Within this context, the Innovation department was born, in order to disseminate innovation in our daily activity. Together with the top management, guidelines for different management and business processes are promoted through the development of a policy and areas of innovation and development (ID).

Initially, the focus was on the development of innovative products that would meet the clients' expectations and challenges. The All-in-One Power Solution, LCS - Light Office Solution and RDS - Rapid Deployment Site products, are the result of the endeavours of the Innovation department. 

Currently, innovation is not only a pillar supporting the transfer and application of knowledge, but it's also a lever for expanding the action scope to sectors with a highly technological content, which will provide the company with new business dynamics, both nationally and internationally.

The goal now is to build a team of specialized technicians, in partnership with other entities that can develop high intensity innovative projects, mainly directed to 5G, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Smart Grids, Smart Cities and Network Virtualisation (NFV and SDN).

Selfnet is a European project that came from this action profile. The innovation team is already working on this project since July 2015, and will extend its work for a period of 3 years. This project aims to develop automated tools (NFV/SDN) that can protect, prevent and improve the performance of networks in a 5G context (

Innovation is the path leading to an effective response to the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive market.