Eurico Ferreira Portugal was founded in 1984 in Trofa, with the development and execution of electrical installations as main initial activity. The evolution of the company over the years presaged a diversification of its scope, with the expansion of services to the Telecommunications and Renewable Energy sector.

With pronounced ambition and commitment, in 1998 Eurico Ferreira was then set on conquering new markets, starting the internationalization of the company and thus giving rise to what is now the Proef Group.

Its main goal is to supply clients with global solutions (turnkey projects), ensuring the design, building and maintenance of the projects. The company is currently directing its activity towards the development of Infrastructure Engineering projects in the areas of Electricity and Telecommunications.

Eurico Ferreira Portugal takes on the challenge of being the centre of competence for all of Proef Engineering companies, centralizing the following branches:
  • The Eurico Ferreira Academy; 
  • Department of Innovation;
  • Business Support;
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility (overall management);
  • Specific Technical Skills - Radio Planning, FTTx projects, etc.

Eurico Ferreira Portugal stands out due to a dynamic team focused on innovation and on the client, with superior technical knowledge and great commitment to overcome all the challenges that arise. This spirit is recognized by the major clients: REN, EDP, Vodafone and NOS.

Eurico Ferreira Portugal is also in accordance with the Integrated Management System standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, basic management tools to ensure process compliance with current legislation and best practices.