Activity Areas


In the telecommunications sector, Proef Engineering has a privileged partnership role with its customers, capable of providing network deployment projects in a turnkey model. 

The intervention of Proef Engineering begins in the planning and development phase of the engineering project, then there's the construction of infrastructures phase, the management and the subsequent maintenance.

As an expert in Mobile Networks, Next Generation Networks, Fixed Networks, Main Networks, Project Management and Information Technologies (IT), Proef Engineering provides the client with a diversified and constantly updated portfolio, bringing the most competitive and innovative solutions to the most demanding markets:

  • Network Planning and Optimization (outdoor, indoor, GSM, DSC, UMTS, WIFI, LTE, GSM-R);
  • Project and development of networks;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Supply and installation of stations;
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance;
  • SWAP Technologies.

  • FTTx  (FTTH - Fiber To The Home et FTTN – Fiber to The Node);
  • Project and Engineering;
  • Network's implementation and  maintenance;
  • Installation and commissioning.

  • Copper network infrastructures (xDSL, TX, access)
  • Project and Engineering;
  • Network's implementation and  maintenance;
  • Installation and commissioning.

  • Installation of infrastructures, energy and air conditioning in technical rooms and Datacenters (UPS, Power Generators, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning);
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance (MSC, BSC, BTS, RNC);
  • Installation and integration of IP/MPLS routers;
  • Datacenters.

  • Project management for turnkey-type projects;
  • Multidisciplinary projects;
  • Negotiation of areas and licensing processes. 

  • Managed Infrastructures and Services (IMS);
  • Projects and Consultancy;
  • Applications and Development;
  • IT Contracting;
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Innovation is a cornerstone of the Proef Group, and so, added value products with customer tailored specificities are being developed in this field such as: All-in-One Power Solution – Telecom Site, RDS - Rapid Deployment, Light Cabinet Solution.

All-in-One Power Solution - Telecom Site
A solution for energy management in telecommunications stations that combines different sources of energy (solar panels, batteries and electrical generators), thus ensuring continuous operation and reduced energy waste.

RDS - Rapid Deployment
A solution that enables a rapid implementation and reduced maintenance requirements, allowing operators to significantly reduce their OPEX - CAPEX. When combined with renewable sources of energy, it becomes operational in places that are not connected to power grids.

LCS - Light Cabinet Solution
Multifunctional cabinets with the ability to expand, with access from the side and thermal and acoustic insulation. This solution is ideal for small sized telecommunications stations in urban environments, where limited space is the main obstacle.

The possibility to be placed on the rooftop of buildings and the ease of installation/removal minimizes costs in terms of renting spaces.